DMNW Statement on Women’s Health Equality in the Context of Israel and Gaza

We understand this is a time of anxiety and uncertainty for many. Diversity Matters North West (DMNW) is a charity committed to challenging inequalities in health and well-being and we expresses recognition and solidarity with all the innocent victims of violence amidst the distressing events unfolding in Gaza and Israel. Please see our official statement below.

Official Statement

Newsletter for January, February, and March 2024

Happy New Year! As we step into the promising horizon of 2024, we are thrilled to dedicate this special edition newsletter to the heartbeat of our organization – our phenomenal volunteers and trustees! Welcome to the Volunteer Celebration Day edition!

We cordially invite you to dive into our attached Activity Guide, where you’ll uncover a wealth of insights providing a thorough overview of our active initiatives and engaging projects.

Celebrating Volunteer Excellence: A Day of Recognition and Inspiration

We are thrilled to share the joy and success of our Volunteer Celebration Day, a day dedicated to honouring the incredible contributions of our volunteers. On October 26th, 2023, we came together to celebrate the heart and soul of Diversity Matters North West – our inspiring volunteers.

The day began with warmth and gratitude as our team members welcomed everyone, setting the tone for a day of appreciation and recognition.

Esteemed guests, including Vice Lord-Lieutenant Sharman Birtles (Personal Representative of His Majesty, King Charles III within Greater Manchester), Councillor Tafeen Sharif (Civic Mayor of Tameside), Councillors Naila Sharif, Betty Afleck, Hugh Roderick, and Peter Robinson graced the occasion with their presence, sharing inspiring insights into the profound impact of volunteerism on community building.

The spotlight shone brightly on outstanding volunteers who were recognized for their exceptional dedication. Each awardee received well-deserved applause for their significant contributions to Diversity Matters North West. Alima Begum, Rabeka Khanom, and Rucksana Begum were recognized as exceptional volunteers, while Husnara Begum received the Appreciation Award. Syeda Nessa was honored for her continuous service, Afsana Begum earned the prestigious Volunteer of the Year Award, and Anisah Khan & Maliha Hussain were acknowledged for their outstanding contribution as young helpers.

Volunteers took the stage, sharing moving stories of their personal journeys with Diversity Matters. These testimonials underscored the profound impact that volunteerism has on both individuals and the community.

Alima Begum started as a session facilitator volunteer, passionately supporting the BAME community. Alima’s journey is a testament to commitment and progress within Diversity Matters.

Rabeka Khanom joined in 2021, committing herself to various roles, including the Women’s Skills and Employment project. Rabeka’s dedication and progress have been remarkable.

Husnara Begum arrived in England in 2022 feeling lonely and unsure. Volunteering for the Women’s Hub provided her with a supportive environment, boosting her confidence.

Despite personal challenges, Afsana emerged as the Volunteer of the Year. Her journey from a volunteer to a casual worker showcases resilience and passion.

Volunteers engaged in interactive sessions, fostering connections, and sharing experiences. These moments of collaboration strengthened the sense of community within Diversity Matters.

The Civic Mayor of Tameside, Tafheen Sharif, added an extra layer of honour by presenting special awards to our exceptional volunteers, acknowledging their extraordinary efforts.                                                   

The day concluded with heartfelt closing remarks, expressing gratitude to all who contributed. Volunteers seized the opportunity to network, share stories, and enjoy delicious refreshments.

A sincere thank you to our volunteers, partners, and community members who made Volunteer Celebration Day a resounding success. Your dedication fuels the positive change we continue to create at Diversity Matters North West.

Here’s to our volunteers – the true heroes of our community!

Women’s Matter Project: October 2023 Boat Trip

We are thrilled to share the wonderful experiences from our October boat trip, a highlight of our Women’s Hub weekly sessions. The Women’s Matters Project, generously funded by People’s Health Trust, aims to forge stronger connections among participants, foster friendships, and enhance social networks.

Our boat trip, supported by the East Manchester Community Boat Project, was a remarkable success.

Thanks to Skipper Sue’s invaluable guidance through risk assessments, we safely boarded the boat. Although limited to 12 participants from Hyde due to restrictions, the overwhelming demand has prompted us to plan a second trip in January 2024.

The adventure began at Hyde Healthy Living Centre, where we gathered before embarking on a scenic journey from Portland Basin in Ashton Under Lyne to Droylsden. The idea for the boat trip originated from the women themselves, seeking a unique and relaxing experience to improve their well-being.

Boating, with its therapeutic qualities, offered a serene escape, promoting relaxation and reducing stress. The sound of water alone has been shown to increase blood flow to the brain, contributing to a sense of calm.

During the trip, our participants engaged in various activities. “Be Active” encouraged movement, games, and singing, providing an interactive and enjoyable experience. “Take Notice” offered a mindful moment for participants to appreciate their surroundings, fostering a sense of mindfulness often overlooked in their busy lives.

“Keep Learning” emphasizes the lifelong pursuit of knowledge, reinforcing that learning never ends. A picnic on the boat, games, and capturing moments through photos added to the joyous occasion.

Our dedicated staff, including Women’s Matters Project Coordinator Shibley Alam and volunteers Syeda Nessa and Saleha, ensured the success of the trip.

Here are some heartfelt quotes from our service users:

“I never experienced anything like this in this country.” – SN

“I had an amazing time on the boat trip; I never expected it to be so enjoyable.” – AB

“Engaging in activities at the Women’s Hub and boat trips has significantly helped my well-being.” – SB

Special thanks to our funder People’s Health Trust, all the skippers for their kindness, and the East Manchester Boat Project for providing free tickets.

We look forward to more enriching experiences and connections in our upcoming events. Stay tuned for updates on our January boat trip!

Reflecting on Trustees Week: A Celebration of Inspirational Leaders!

As we bid farewell to Trustees Week, we are delighted to revisit the heartwarming stories of our incredible Trustees who have been the guiding force behind our organization’s journey. From November 6th to 10th, we had the privilege of sharing their diverse and inspiring narratives with you, our cherished community.

Unveiling Our Trustee Team Throughout the week, we showcased the rich tapestry of backgrounds, experiences, and passions that make up our Trustee team. Each day brought forth a unique profile, offering an intimate glimpse into the lives and motivations of these dedicated individuals. From legal experts and community champions to business leaders and advocates for positive change, our Trustees embody the true spirit of diversity in action.

Inspiring the Next Generation of Leaders by sharing these stories, we aimed to not only celebrate the invaluable contributions of our Trustees but also to inspire others to consider similar roles in their organizations. We believe that a diverse and committed leadership team is key to fostering innovation, inclusivity, and positive change.

New opportunities unveiled as promised, our celebration coincided with an exciting announcement – a new Trustee vacancy within our organization. We hope this opportunity piques the interest of individuals passionate about making a meaningful impact. To submit your application, please visit our website:

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