Gemma started work as our Youth Coordinator in 2012 and went on to manage the Community Development Programme and Women Supporting Women Project. Before joining Diversity Matters North West, Gemma worked for the local authority youth service and within supported housing. She has a degree in Psychology and Criminology, an NVQ level 3 in Community Development and Learning and is a qualified Youth Worker. Gemma holds a PTTLS qualification.

Rehana has been with us since 2009 and has managed several programmes including our Community Health and Wellbeing Programme, Arts Projects, Bengali Women’s Programme, Oral Health Project and subsequent community learning, employability and instrumental in the set up of our trailblazing volunteer programme. She came to us from a local children’s centre and has a PGCert in Business Administration, Foundation degree in HR Management, Level 4 in Leadership and Management, Level 3 in Coaching, Volunteer Management, Community Development, Community Interpreting and PTTLLs.

Hasina joined us in 2011 as the community development trainee on our former Bengali Women’s Programme. Hasina has an MA from Bangladesh in Social Sciences and is also a translator in Bangla and some Urdu.

Shibley initially joined Diversity Matters North West as a volunteer in 2011, before becoming a permanent member of the team in 2018. Before joining DMNW Shibley worked with Hyde Bangladesh Welfare for over 4 years. She previously spent over 15 years working with children, mainly as a teaching assistant but also including 6 years as a junior teacher in Bangladesh. Shibley has achieved an NVQ Level 3 in Early Years and Level 3 in Business. She is a mother of 4 – her eldest child has recently graduated from an Honours degree from the University of Manchester.

Before starting with Diversity Matters North West Mahmuda worked in childcare and did interpreting for the local community.  She volunteered for Diversity Matters back in 2014 doing short courses and becoming a peer mentor for the women supporting women project.  She is a nice and friendly person. She is fluent in Bangla and English.

Nisma joined us in Dec 2021. She is a qualified youth and community worker, having worked across Tameside and Oldham council. She has worked in family support, with experience of safeguarding and child protection, in supporting families in crisis. Worked for Tameside College, as an ESOL tutor delivering classes in the community and as a project worker. Nisma is fluent in speaking English, Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi.

Amina has joined in Diversity Matters North West on 11th April 2022. She is from Bangladesh and studying Masters in IT Security in the University of Central Lancashier.  She was an ICT Teacher in Anandaniketan School, Sylhet, Bangladesh.

Lesley joined us in February 2023, having previously worked as a manager for us 2007 – 2011. Lesley has worked in the Voluntary Sector for over 20 years with a background in Community Development and Youth Work, she has held a variety of management and business development roles. She holds a Masters in Third Sector Management from Edge Hill University, a NVQ Level 4 in Community Development, is GDPR practitioner trained and has an AAT Level 3 qualification in bookkeeping and accountancy.

“My name is Caroline Gregory, and I have been a resident of Hyde for over 35 years. My professional background lies in working for the local government, and my passion for serving the community led me to become involved with DMNW. Being a part of the Board of Trustees has been a fulfilling experience for me. It has provided me with the opportunity to attend various events, connect with new people, and immerse myself in different cultures and faiths.

One of the aspects I truly cherish is the planning process and witnessing the positive impact that DMNW’s charitable work has on people’s lives. The team of dedicated staff and volunteers always exude joy and a warm welcome, making it a pleasure to be a part of this organization.

Outside of my involvement with DMNW, I have a few other interests that keep me busy. I enjoy playing bridge, attending festivals, and contributing to our local allotments. Of course, spending quality time with my own children and grandchildren is a source of great joy in my life.”

I’m Muzahid, and I’d like to share a bit about my journey and my commitment to creating positive change.

I’ve always considered myself a resourceful person, someone who strives to deliver tangible results in every endeavour. Presently, I hold the role of Social Business & Innovation Manager at Upturn Social Enterprise. Here, my focus is on driving the Proper Good Investment Programme and providing support for the development and growth of social enterprises and the sector.

My professional journey has been quite an intriguing one. I’ve had the privilege of being appointed as a Deputy Lieutenant for the county of Greater Manchester, a role that brings both honour and responsibility. Alongside this, I achieved a significant milestone by publishing my first book, “The Gift of Giving,” a project close to my heart. Furthermore, I am a certified NLP Coach, enabling me to empower individuals through coaching and mentoring.

For several years, I have been dedicated to delivering business start-up training, mentoring, and coaching, drawing upon my extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. My career began in the public sector, where I worked across various council departments, with a specialization in regeneration—a field that allowed me to witness the transformation of communities.

Throughout my lifetime, I have actively engaged in the community, voluntary, faith, and charity sectors. These experiences have shaped my perspective and fuelled my passion for making a positive impact on the world around me.

I am excited to continue this journey, to learn, grow, and work alongside like-minded individuals who share my dedication to positive change. Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me a little better.

I’m Halyma, and I’d like to offer you a glimpse into my journey and the values that drive me in my professional and personal life.

Currently, I hold the position of Senior Inclusion Advisory Manager at BITC (Business in the Community). In this role, I lead a team of dedicated Inclusion Advisors, and together, we provide expert guidance to employers across various sectors. Our focus revolves around fostering workplace diversity, nurturing inclusivity, and igniting cultural transformations.

I bring to this role a wealth of experience in people management and am proud to be an ICF-qualified Coach. My journey with BITC is relatively recent, having embarked on this path after a fulfilling career at the Co-op Group. During my time there, I wore multiple hats, including that of an L&D Manager and People Advisor. These roles allowed me to immerse myself in Leadership Development and the cultivation of an Inclusive Culture. Notably, I had the privilege of co-founding Co-op’s Ethnic Minority Colleague Networking, where I served as Co-Chair. In this capacity, I had the honour of supporting Co-op Executives and Senior Leaders in addressing race-related challenges and developing a robust Inclusion Strategy.

My expertise extends to a broad spectrum of diversity, equity, and inclusion (EDI) areas, particularly in race and gender. I’ve had the privilege of contributing to the Inclusion Advisory Panel for Co-op Academies and currently serve as the Chair of the Greater Manchester Combined Authorities Women’s and Girls’ Equality Panel. In this role, our mission is to champion representation and equality for women in Education, Skills, and Employment, as well as to raise our voice against Gender-Based Violence.

My commitment to making a positive impact extends beyond the workplace. I am deeply honoured to serve as an Anti-Racism Trustee for Refugee Action, a charity that provides vital advice and support to refugees and asylum seekers in the UK while advocating for a fairer asylum system. Additionally, I proudly hold the position of Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees for Diversity Matters Northwest, an organization dedicated to empowering South Asian Women by equipping them with the tools, skills, and knowledge to achieve financial independence.

These roles are not just titles; they represent my unwavering dedication to creating a fairer, more inclusive world for everyone. I look forward to the continued journey and to collaborating with individuals who share the same passion for positive change.

I am Mrs. Oluwatosin Arike Lanlehin-Sotubo, and I would like to share a glimpse into my life and my commitment to making a positive impact in the world.

Born into a Nigerian family about five decades ago, I was fortunate to have been raised by two remarkable individuals, Chief Samuel Owoola Lanlehin and Chief Mrs. Stella Lanlehin. My educational journey has taken me across both Nigeria and the United Kingdom, enriching my experiences and perspectives.

I am proud to be married to Mr. Ezekiel Olukunmi Sotubo and blessed with the joys of motherhood and grandmotherhood. My life’s journey has also seen me embrace entrepreneurship and business, where I’ve had the privilege of success.

However, my true passion lies in caregiving. As a professional childcarer, I have dedicated my life to making a difference in the lives of others. I am the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Ark Of Hope, a registered non-profit organization that extends its helping hand to vulnerable women, youths, street kids, and children living with disabilities in both the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

Through Ark Of Hope, we have been able to support over 1000 vulnerable women in Nigeria, providing them with opportunities and hope for a brighter future. Additionally, our organization prepares approximately 100 delicious hot meals every week for vulnerable individuals in both the UK and Nigeria, ensuring they have nourishment and warmth.

In my role as the Patroness of Nigerian Legion (Army), Ijebu-Igbo Branch, Ogun State, I am honored to support and stand with our veterans who have served our nation with dedication and sacrifice.

These endeavors are a testament to my unwavering commitment to making the world a better place, one life at a time. I look forward to continuing this journey of compassion, service, and hope, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share it with you.

I’m Asma, and I’ve been proudly serving as a Trustee since April 2021.

In 2015, I earned my Solicitor qualification, and my professional journey in the housing sector has been an incredible 14-year adventure. I’ve had the privilege of wearing different hats, including my role as a Real Estate Lawyer in the private sector. Today, I find myself in Local Government, working as an in-house Commercial Property Lawyer.

My role as a Trustee means the world to me, as it allows me to make a positive impact on our community. I’m truly honoured to be part of this team.

We value our dedicated team members, and we’ll be sharing more about their backgrounds and contributions shortly. Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for updates!

We value our dedicated team members, and we’ll be sharing more about their backgrounds and contributions shortly. Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for updates!

We value our dedicated team members, and we’ll be sharing more about their backgrounds and contributions shortly. Thank you for your patience, and stay tuned for updates!