Our Purpose Statement

Diversity Matters North West exists to challenge inequalities in health and well-being and to help people develop their potential and support each other.

Our Aims

We aim to:

  • Tackle issues that impact on people’s health and well-being.
  • Provide targeted support for disadvantaged and excluded groups.
  • Promote improved community cohesion.

Our Values

We try to empower the people we work with, individually and collectively, by encouraging them to build with confidence on the skills and knowledge that they already have.

We share the ideas and agenda of the localism – don’t do something for people they can do themselves.

We listen to the views of the people within the community we serve, being informed and led by their expressed needs.

We are sensitive towards their faith and culture, although we will not normally undertake work that is faith-specific.

We strive to be honest and transparent about our intentions, so it is easier for the people we work with, and for our partner agencies, to know where they stand with us.

We involve community members in decision making, volunteering, training and paid employment.

Absolutely invaluable service, DMNW has guided us to improve our diversity and reach to minority ethnic residents of Tameside, they have been a valuable partner in enabling this.

Karen Mercer, Being There, 2022