What is it?

Our project aims to make volunteering opportunities more accessible for ethnic minority women in Tameside. Through a culturally sensitive and tailored program, we provide support to help women develop their skills, knowledge, and confidence in accessing services. This reduces feelings of loneliness, improves well-being, and helps them overcome barriers, empowering them to explore external opportunities. By increasing awareness of local services, we foster community engagement and connection. Organizations also benefit from trained bilingual volunteers, enhancing their systems for greater inclusivity.

Who is it for?

Ethnic minority women in Tameside, aged 16+



  • Conversational English: Improving basic English speaking and written skills, practiced in a relaxed café environment.
  • Confidence Building: Focusing on identifying factors that contribute to low confidence and developing strategies to improve and enhance confidence levels.
  • Pre-volunteering: Empowering women to build confidence, take leadership roles, acquire skills, and gain valuable work experience for future employment.
  • Travel Training: Covering various aspects of public transportation, including journey planning, understanding bus routes and stops, using timetables, purchasing tickets, and navigating transportation systems.

Employment Readiness

Our community learning hubs are social spaces for individuals to come together, learn together, and develop networks. We do skills assessments, job search assistance, application guidance, mock interviews, and interview skills development. 


  • Learning Mentors: help provide guidance and support to other women on their learning journeys.
  • Outreach: Help us to get the offer out to communities so more women can take advantage of the project!
  • General Project Support: Help us with various project tasks and activities and develop skills for future employment!

Annual Event

The diversity in Tameside, Volunteer Celebration & Achievement event will be organized to recognize and celebrate the accomplishments of participants and volunteers involved in the project.

How can I join?

Ring Hasina on 07591 572 844 or email her on hasina@diversitymattersnw.org.uk or ring the DMNW office on 0161 368 3268